aint i a stinker clip obama

aint i a stinker clip obama

Aint i a stinker clip obama Barack Obama has chastised two Republican presidential candidates.

South Carolina senator Tim Scott and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, for their views on racial relations in the United States.

In a podcast interview, Obama, the first Black US president, stated that although providing an optimistic message on race relations was vital, “that has to be undergirded with an honest accounting of our past and our present.”

Scott is the lone Black contender in the Republican presidential primary for 2024, whereas Haley is of Indian descent.

When asked about Scott’s rhetoric, Obama stated that Republican candidates. Have a propensity to gloss over the impacts of racism. Claiming that politicians must confront racial inequities in order to be taken seriously on the issue of American unity.

Within the Republican Party, there is a long tradition of African American or other minority politicians who will legitimise America and say.

‘Everything’s fine, and we can make it,'” On CNN’s Axe Files, Obama told Democratic strategist David Axelrod. He went on to say that he felt Nikki Haley “had a similar approach.”

That strategy, according to Obama, lacks “a plan for how we address crippling generational poverty that is a result.

Of hundreds of years of racism in this society, and we need to do something about it.”

If that candidate is unable to accept that “we’ve seen discrimination in everything from getting a job to buying a house to how the criminal justice system operates,” he continues.

Scott, a former insurance agent, reacted angrily, saying, “Racism is real.” It is alive,” he says, but he contends that his achievement as a Black man is not uncommon, but rather emblematic of development.

Scott replied to Obama’s remarks by telling conservative radio host Mark Levin that the president had .

Missed a slow-moving softball with a big bat.”

Later that day, Scott remarked on Twitter, “Let us not forget we are a land of opportunity, not a land of oppression.” Democrats downplay our success in order to maintain their power,” he stated. “The leftist wants you to believe that having faith in America is a sham and that growth in our country is a myth.”

“The real story of MY life disproves the lies spread by the radical left,” she continued. “We live in a country where little Black and brown boys and girls can be leaders.” “The truth is, we’ve had one, and the good information is, we’ll have another,” he told me.

Separately, Nikki Haley criticised Obama’s stance.

Barack Obama harmed minorities by portraying them as victims rather than empowering them,” Haley told the New York Post. “In America, hard effort and personal accountability are valued. My parents did not teach me to believe that I would always be a victim. They taught me that I was accountable for my own achievement.”

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