aint i a stinker clip obama

aint i a stinker clip obama

If you thought the video of Barack aint i a stinker clip obama “singing” “Call Me Maybe” — or, even better, “Never Gonna Give You Up” — was great, you haven’t heard anything yet.

Diran Lyons, a remix artist, just uploaded a new video on YouTube. It arranges several footage of the president in such a way that it appears he’s singing a modified version of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” — complete with lyrics like “The year is 2009, and I am in the White House/However, the economy is in full motherf-ing fall.””

(It’s unclear where Lyons got the audio of Obama cursing, but it’s most likely from the audio version of Dreams From My Father.) The film isn’t the most glowing portrayal of our president — Obama also “raps” about how he “work[s] for the banks” and “traffic[s] weapons in their drug-cartel war” — but it’s a wonderfully produced supercut in any case.

Watch to the end for a surprise cameo from MC Mitt Romney himself — and go to Lyons’ website for all the motherf-ing lyrics.

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