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Quest Supremacy

After a weekly vacation, Chapter 61 of Quest Supremacy is back. And two succeeding chapters have been published. However, we’ll talk about the most recent and forthcoming upgrades to Quest Supremacy Chapter 61. As you may recall, the previous chapters were all about the conflicts between various schools. Kim has tricked the side with the advantage, but the Wrestling Rhino has now joined the conflict,Kim finds out that Seok.

The wrestling rhino. Is set to engage in battle with a new foe. Seok vs. Gu Hajun in the Rhino match has already started, but Kim has already defeated some of Gu Hajun’s teammates. Kim wants to settle the scores at all costs and completes all missions since she believes that this may be the last war between the various colleges.

Seok and Gun lock eyes and the Mighty Smasher vs. The Wrestling Rhino battle heats up. Gun and Seok both smile as they acknowledge that the true conflict is about to start. The people of the land say that when two legends collide, there is no dodging since it is all about the exchanging of powerful barrages, therefore they all have comparable right hooks and smash each other’s faces.

Kim observes the conflict from his dining room table and sees that unless they settle their differences.

 As the fight proceeded, The Mighty Smasher and Wrestling Rhino exchanged powerful blows that shook the vicinity. Kim, though, is confident that Ha Jin, the Mighty Smasher Gun, can triumph.

Quest Supremacy

The Wrestling Rhino Seok engaged in intense combat while not donning a shirt, demonstrating that his muscles are not only for show and that he is capable of engaging in thrilling combat. Seok is a formidable foe, but Gun Ha Jin acknowledges that he has a trick up his sleeve. Seok fights with his eyes closed and anticipates every assault. His defence is impenetrable and as solid as a mountain.

Prior to Chapter 60 of the Supremacy Quest

Seok’s protection transforms his body into hummer steel, so Gun Ha Jin recognises that his steel punch is striking hummer steel. Gun Ha Jin makes the decision to stop the Wrestling Rhino’s stroke and pushes him backward while delivering heavy body blows in an effort to shatter the Wrestling Rhino’s body before he can finish him off.

The Mighty Smasher is forcing the Wrestling Rhino back, and the Rhino must struggle to keep himself in control. Scores were finally resolved when Kim entered the fight after a protracted conflict. The others, including Haru, were amazed. The Wrestling Rhino awakens later in the hospital after receiving treatment and recalls his difficult struggle with the Mighty Smasher, who shattered him and brought him there.

He acknowledges that Gun Ha Jin was more powerful than he anticipated and will constantly be seeking retribution. Beom Sung is aware that another strong person is on the way, and his employer isn’t paying attention to him. However, he is happy that his boss was taught a lesson about entertaining the enemy. Seok defeated Beom Sung before he joined the fight because he thought Deom Sung was a lazy.

Since all of the adversaries had been vanquished,he understood that Beom Sung was telling him the truth about them.

Despite the fact that Kim’s side has won the war, Seok and his group are still determined to resolve their differences. Beom Sung understands that he has a strategy that will enhance his boss’s reputation and gain him the respect he merits.

Quest Supremacy

After learning that sometimes a leader needs to listen to the underlings in trying times, The Wrestling Rhino asks Beom what they can do. They must force Kangbuk-Seo and Kangbuk-Dong to engage in combat, Beom Sung explains. When chatting to his employer, who is listening, Beom Sung explains his idea and realises he is like a boss.

Release date for Chapter 61 of Quest Supremacy

On November 22, 2022, Quest Supremacy Chapter 61 will be made available. Arriving and saying that there is an issue is a man with blonde hair. He says that Han Jaeha and Kim Soohyun joined forces to defeat another team. When Seok notices that the attackers have started, it is Kangbuk-Seo and Kangbuk-Dong. View the latest changes for Quest Supremacy Chapter 61.

Online Chapter 61 of Quest Supremacy: Raw Details

On the official websites, you can read Quest Supremacy Chapter 61 online. Ryu Sikyung of Kangbuk-Dong Hing No. 3 joined the conflict. Ryu moves like lightning, so he can take out a hundred punks with a single blow. Along with the other fighters, No. 9 Lee Jinyun engaged Nos. 14 Hwang Taeseong and 13 Kang Dohyuk in combat. Lee was chosen by the Yakuza after she was assaulted.

When Chapter 61 of Quest Supremacy is published, let’s get together.

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