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uconn the boneyard
A STORRS David Benedict claims that he has no issue with Ray Allen publicly criticising Kevin Ollie. He also doesn’t mind if  UConn the boneyard  supporters disagree with his stance on football attendance.

Jesus Shuttlesworth’s demand that UConn the boneyard “make it right” in response to Ollie’s statement is uncontested by the UConn athletic director. He claims that he also has no issues with individuals who purchase or may purchase UConn season tickets, an even higher authority.

Benedict was a guy ready for vacation as he sipped his morning coffee Friday inside the UConn the boneyard bookshop. He is aware that the Great Family Dispute and the vacant seats at Rentschler Field will be waiting for him when he gets home.

At UConn, these are unpleasant times. Arbitration will settle the heated conflict surrounding Ollie’s “with cause” termination. It’s either all or nothing. Ollie receives more over $10 million from UConn with his current contract. Or UConn pays nothing. A crushing loss would be embarrassing for Susan Herbst, the president of UConn, and Benedict. Total success, albeit severe in the literal interpretation of Ollie’s contract, would appease those who think Ollie performed poorly over the last three years and who claim that UConn, without Power Five cartel gold, faces unfathomable financial hardships.

Allen also advocated for a compromise in which both parties give ground. He doesn’t want it to possibly end up in court following arbitration, which would sap the state’s energy.


Something. I have been arguing for a mutual resolution for months. However, Ray Allen is speaking here. The Basketball Hall of Fame will induct him.

In addition to being Ollie’s former teammate and personal friend, he is a director of the UConn Foundation. Naturally, he is a walking, breathing conflict of interest, but he also cares deeply about Ollie and his alma institution.

uconn the boneyard

Benedict, who acknowledged speaking with Allen about the Ollie incident, stated, “I don’t have any problems with what Ray said. Ray needs to speak up. For him, this is an extremely significant matter. Ray is more than simply a former basketball player; as a member of the foundation, he devotes his time and efforts to advancing the institution. Ray is quite occupied.

Can the parties finally come to an agreement before they destroy Gampel Pavilion and further damage their respective reputations? Why not try this? Maybe some of that $2.1 million increase over the prior fiscal year can go to Ollie on a day when the athletic department confirmed a Hartford Courant report that donations ($5.5 million) were the highest in five years and that the UConn Foundation had raised a total of $14.1 million for athletics, including gifts.

In the Manchester Journal Inquirer.

Randy Edsall was recently quoted as saying.

It’s really about developing an accountability with our fan base.

To have them take some ownership.

Just as (Randy Edsall) is trying to encourage his squad to take some ownership and be accountable for what they’re doing.

Some on the Boneyard, the UConn supporters’ message board, believed Benedict was blaming the supporters for Rentschler Field being only partially full. Putting it mildly, fan shaming. A few emails and tweets were sent to me. Some people weren’t happy with Benedict, so they pushed me to ask him to explain.

On this subject, I’ve received a lot of feedback, but today I’m here to help.

Benedict remarked, “I don’t read the Boneyard every day, and I haven’t received any messages from anyone. “I was told that an article in ‘A Dime Back’ discussed how Benedict doesn’t comprehend the UConn fan base. I would defy anyone to claim that since I’ve been here, we haven’t made an attempt to enhance the fan experience or lower ticket prices. To encourage tailgating, we’ve decreased the cost of concessions, tickets, and certain ridiculous parking regulations (earlier). We changed the coaching. I believe we are making every effort to make our football programme competitive.

As a servant, I am here.

I’ve been pretty explicit about that, Benedict remarked. “Most issues can be resolved by winning. However, there is a chicken-and-egg component to this, so my suggestion is that we construct it together. It has an effect when we bring prospects to our game and the stadium is not filled. You don’t have a home-field advantage when we bring in a strong squad and just half the stadium is occupied. Perhaps I didn’t express it clearly enough. In order to have a football programme that is competitive, the fan base is important. We need your support. Also, I can’t compel somebody to attend.

We need to improve. We recognise it. When supporters say, “We want to be part of developing it with you,” as opposed to, “Hey, I’ll turn up when you start winning,” it shows collaboration and dedication on their behalf. People who will collaborate with us are needed. We are very grateful for our core group of supporters who stick with us through rain, snow, wins, and losses.

Look, with some of our ticket and priority seating practises, we have caused a lot of hardship for ourselves,” Benedict stated. They’ll undergo transformation. In basketball, we shouldn’t be moving individuals around every season. Maybe that was acceptable once, back when I wasn’t here. It is no longer appropriate. People who have purchased season tickets shouldn’t be made to move because someone else is ready to pay more money. That has caused alarm and offended our fan base, respectively. There must be some commitment.

As a servant, I am here.

I’d like to think we can fill our spot if you’re contending for conference titles, said Benedict. “No, Auburn, where I spent two years, is not the only perspective I have. I am aware that the Northeast is unique from other regions. Examine BC (35,924 on average last year) and Syracuse (33,929). Compare our programme to regionally suitable peers rather than assuming I’m comparing it to the SEC (a Rentschler low of 20,334).

I can understand if our fan base feels as though I’m pushing them too hard. At the same time, I’m not going to just declare we’re fine when I see our venue only partially occupied. 4-8 is not acceptable, Randy Edsall is not telling his squad. That is the message I want to get through to our supporters. You must exert yourself if you want to succeed.

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