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Oheka Castle: A Magical Day

Jennifer Dempster

We met in an unromantic setting: the closing seconds of an ESPN business Christmas party. Our love evolved over time and countless fantasy holidays.  Jennifer Dempster & Chris then shocked me with a proposal over coffee on the balcony of our Paris hotel room one day.

Friends call us the ‘Green Acres’ pair. Chris is from the mountains of Colorado, and I am from New York. It may have been difficult to choose a wedding venue, but moment we set foot on the gorgeous grounds of Oheka Castle, we knew it was the ideal choice.

Jennifer Dempster and Chris Fowler’s Wedding

OHEKA CASTLE, 631.659.1400,, OHEKA CASTLE, 631.659.1400,, OHEKA CASTLE, 631.659.

Lazaro wore a gown.

Jim Hjelm and his bridesmaids

Lombardo, Tux Donna Bardot Custom Apparel Makeup

Florist: Andrew Pascoe Flowers Hair: Jennifer Mayer / G. Zay Michaels Salon


Marquee is a photographer.

Chaser is a band.

Chris Fowler and Raffi Fine Jewellery ring

I could see the top of the castle from my school bus stop when I was a small child. When we contacted the castle to check about weddings, the phone number was incredibly familiar – it was the old number from my childhood home. It was fate.

Not every event transpired in the manner of a fairy tale. With the big day only three weeks away, I accidentally applied sunscreen with a tan booster on my top lip and got myself a moustache in an attempt to get the perfect wedding day glow.

Jennifer Dempster

I broke our car glass into the side mirror of the florist’s van when parallel parking at the florist. (Our flowers were still stunning.)

The seamstress then cut her finger and bled all over the front of my gown four days before my wedding! (Don’t worry, it was ecru again within 20 minutes.) Add in a week of thunderstorms, missed flights, and misplaced luggage including groomsmen’s tuxes, and trust me, a sense of humour goes a long way.

Jennifer Dempster

Fortunately, we had a fairy tale wedding. The sun sank over our nuptials in the grounds of Oheka. Except for the exquisite food, no one left the dance floor, and at night’s conclusion, a full moon rose above the castle packed with relatives and friends.

631.659.1400 OHEKA CASTLE 135 West Gate Drive, Huntington, NY 11743

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