Lana Rhoades Kid Meme: Nasty Kid Memes Lana Rhoades Continues While Her Father Remains Unknown!

Lana Rhoades Kid Meme

Lana Rhoades Kid Meme

Lana Rhoades Kid Meme: Lana Rhoades, who used to appear in pornographic films, gave birth to a child in January 2022. Mean memes regarding the baby have been created since she announced she was pregnant. The 25-year-old lady announced her pregnancy in 2021 and shared a photo of her ultrasound on Instagram. She never revealed the identity of the baby’s father, however.

She subsequently posted a picture of herself with the kid on her Story, informing everyone that she had given birth in January. Lana, who has now become a YouTuber, also stated that his name is Milo and that being a mother is the finest thing in the world.

She hasn’t said anything further about the baby since then, but Milo is still a famous online joke. This is why…


Lana has never revealed who Milo’s father is, therefore many of the baby Milo memes revolve on that. When she announced her pregnancy, the 25-year-old had just broken up with influencer Mike Majlak, with whom she had been seeing for almost a year.

But, according to Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast, he is not the father. He went on to say, “About a few months ago, I and the absolutely stunning, sweet, beautiful, great, and pregnant Lana broke up.”

In 2022, who is Lana Rhoades’ boyfriend? Everything You Need to Know “Around that time, I began seeing other people.”. She also began to consider a certain individual. We remained friends and continued to chat. She has a baby as a result of her encounters with this new individual.

She also revealed in June 2021 on her podcast 3 GIRLS 1 KITCHEN that she once went on a date with NBA star Kevin Durant, but that was all and they never dated.


Lana is a well-known ex-adult film star who has had several relationships. People joke in baby memes that anyone might be Milo’s father because Lana has been with so many different guys.

“Because she had done adult entertainment in the past, a viral conversation about her pregnancy and baby led to many memes about her in 2021 and 2022,” the website Know Your Meme states. One example of a meme is an image from the book “Where’s Wally?” “Lana Rhoades’ son is looking for his real father,” the caption reads.

Another caption reads, “Lana Rhoades kid on career day at school,” and includes a video of a man looking out the window. During her pregnancy, Twitter was flooded with memes regarding the baby’s paternity. Those memes have grown in popularity after Milo was born in January 2022.

LANA DISCUSSES VIRAL MEMES Lana discussed the awful memes that went viral after she revealed she was pregnant in June 2021.

According to the influencer, “I don’t know if you’ve seen, but people are making memes, and TikTok is saying two different things.” “One, that my child will be picked on in school, and two, that they’re making TikTok films about my child’s birth and children sliding on water slides.”

“That’s what most of the comments on my Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter say, and people also say stuff like, ‘I feel horrible for the baby since mom did p***,” she was quoted as saying.

“I have one thing to say about that,” she said, shutting down the memes. I feel bad for you. Your mother must have been a horrible person to raise a boy who speaks to women in that manner.

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