petco love lost

petco love lost

Petco Love Lost is now available.

We’re talking about Petco Love Lost, formerly known as Finding Rover, with our adopters, rescue partners, volunteers, foster families, sponsors, and lost and found leaders in our community. This free, centralised lost and found programme is a single database that employs proprietary face recognition technology to make it simpler to find missing pets. The majority of our community’s shelters, including BARCS, use it to show all lost and found dogs. Because all lost and found dogs are listed in one location, distraught pet owners no longer need to visit dozens of different sources every day.

Animal shelters have agreed to participate, but we need your assistance spreading the word about our programme so that if a pet is lost or recovered, we can all turn to Petco Love Lost.

Here’s what you should know:

Petco Love Lost instantly gathers listings from shelter databases into a centralised location.

There are both lost and found pets posted there. Photos of a missing dog or cat are examined promptly to discover whether the pet is at a partner shelter or with a neighbour in the community.

Petco Love Lost is available not just for shelters, but also for citizen-to-citizen relationships.

Petco Love Lost features a smartphone app and a mobile-friendly website, allowing pet owners and finders to report lost and found dogs while on the go. There is no faster way to notify both the community and the nearby shelters.

Petco Love Lost uses award-winning pet facial recognition to establish matches and deliver warnings to pet owners, finders, and shelters.

Shelters, notably BARCS, have aided in the testing of the facial recognition software, and we can confirm that it works!

You may now register your pets in the database so that if they ever go missing, the programme will immediately notify you of animals in shelters that resemble your pet.

Petco Love Lost is a FREE nationwide database funded by Petco Love, formerly known as the Petco Foundation, so that pet owners, finders, and shelters are never charged!

Since its inception, BARCS has been a proud partner of Petco Love Lost, a free programme of Petco Love. We’ve seen matches form at our shelter as well as with people of the community. However, this programme will only be effective if our entire community participates. Please assist us in spreading the news about this lifesaving programme so that we can reconnect more animals with their family.

When you notice a lost/found post in a group, on a neighbourhood page, or on a friend’s private account, link it to Petco Love Lost and include the following paragraph:

Petco Love Lost is a centralised lost and found database used in Baltimore and the Greater DMV region. It matches lost and found pets using award-winning animal facial recognition algorithms. Petco Love Lost connects directly to the databases of the majority of our area’s shelters and also facilitates citizen-to-citizen connections. Please publish this pet there right away: 


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