Shuudan wiki Trello Link & Wiki – The official Trello link, as well as the most comprehensive wiki for the Holy Developer Council’s Roblox game.

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Official Trello Link & Wiki for Shuudan

Shuudan Trello Link & Wiki:

Fandom Wiki – Shuudan Trello Link & Wiki

Trello is typically the medium that Roblox games use to construct their wikis, earlier it was fandom, but over the past few months virtually all of them have chosen for the more visual style of Trello. And Shuudan is no different; it already has a very comprehensive wiki on this platform, which we strongly recommend you to visit.

shuudan wiki

The first section is quite basic and covers information that every rookie will undoubtedly be interested in: controls, GUI, Main Menu, Currency, How to Defend, Rank Titles, and so on. We urge that you study this information so that you can grasp the game for less money.

The wiki parts begin with the second section: NPCs, Rankings, Stats, Trainings, Skill Moves, Personalities, Specialties, and others. All you have to do is seek for what you need to know and you’ll find it. If you want to know the motions of the Skill Move Dive Header, the improvements of each sort of training, or the location and what you can obtain from the barber, Trello is the place to go.

There is currently no fandom (another wiki format with significantly more material), but if it is added in the future, we will provide a link to it at the top of this guide.

The content is extensive, up-to-date, and has the stamp of official information, provided by collaborators but directly evaluated by the Shuudan team.

Here are some instructions based on Trello information that have been arranged in a list fashion to make it simpler for you to obtain the information:

Trello FAQ: How to Defend and Use the GUI

How Should You Respond?

Everything a player is about to fire runs through one hitbox before they kick the ball to see who’s guarding, and if someone is defending, depending on the distance that they act, it can either reflect or debuff the ball’s strength and direction. It also slows down those who dribble.


Stamina – Your Stamina Bar is represented by the Yellow Bar. Stamina is needed for almost everything in the game, including running, sliding, and dribbling. When the Bar reaches Red, you will be unable to do anything other than Jog until it returns to Yellow.

Fatigue – The Purple Bar represents Fatigue, which increases as you spend your Stamina. You won’t be able to do anything once it reaches its maximum.

shooting Power – The Green Bar represents your shooting power; the more LMB charges it, the more power your shoot has.

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