What is Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings – Episodes 1-8

Being a DIK Walkthrough

Being a DIK Walkthrough

Welcome to Being a DIK Walkthrough & Endings, where we will offer you with all of the strategies, options, and secrets to achieve the highest levels in all of the various relationships and unlock all of the accessible scenes.

Walkthroughs for Episode 8 & Interlude, and Episode 9 > Answers and Console Commands may be found here.

Walkthrough of Being a DIK & Endings – Intro

Because the game is about making decisions, the answers you give will have consequences. However, there are some:

Points of contact

You can gain connection points with all of the characters, and we will label each one as (+1 connection point CharacterName).


Your selections will either make you a chick or a dik, and you’ll need a certain number of chick or dik points for certain situations and relationship points. We shall highlight the dik point and italicise the chick points.

Renderings of Particular Interest

During the playtime, we will mark them.

Vault Keys

You’ll discover them throughout the walkthrough, but here’s the whole list > Vault Keys

Being a DIK – Episode 1 or 0.1 Walkthrough & Endings

  • Get angry / Shrug it off 
  • Ignore a negative thought
  • obscene joke (+1 relationship point for Josy) / Corny joke
  • (Josy Relationship Points +1) Draw dicks (+2). / Josy, smile (+1 relationship point) / Don’t draw (-2 now, but +2 later)
  • I really enjoy that (Josy +1 Relationship Points)
  • Look at her ass / Look at her boobs / Leave
  • Become irritated / Make him laugh.
  • Accept money / Request more money / Refuse money
  • Encourage him to do more / Accept less (if you have a painted face)
  • Yes, I’m sorry; I can remain if you like.
  • Ok / It’s a date (Josy +1 Relationship Points) (If you make a drawing)
  • Activate him / What exactly do you mean?
  • Ignore him or retort

The first free roam

  • Consult with your father.
  • First, click on the magazine (table).
  • Select Phone > Chat App > Josy > Always second choice
  • Go to the loo.
  • Magazine (plant) 2nd render
  • Select Shower.
  • Select the Guitar (MC Room).
  • Magazine (table) 3rd render
  • Phone > Brawler game > choose an opponent > renders as a reward
  • Put on your clothes.

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It’s better than wearing nothing (Relationship Points Josy +1) (needs dtype below 1) / Let’s go Flirt with her (Relationship Points Josy +1 (requires dtype below 1), Relationship Points Josy -1 otherwise)/ Don’t try your luck.

Examine her out (not if 0 dtype) / Do not push your luck.

  • I’m both excited and worried.
  • Thank you / Simply leave.
  • Be self-assured / Be polite Be rude / Be polite
  • Sure
  • Check her pants (Maya Relationship Points -1) / Check her out (Maya Relationship Points +1) / Don’t push your luck
  • Tell a joke, please. (Maya +1 Relationship Points)
  • Cool / Compliment her (Maya +1 Relationship Points)
  • Hug her (Maya +1 Relationship Points) (needs dtype below 1) / Bye
  • Introduce yourself / Intervene (Jocks Relationship Points -1) (Sage +1 Relationship Points) / Keep silent (if you Intervened)
  • slam him / Contact security.
  • a joke about her name / a lovely name
  • Maybe he did / That’s nonsense.
  • Sage will give you +1 relationship points if you tell a joke.
  • Why do you date him (Relationship Points Sage +1 if you’re a jerk, Relationship Points Sage -1 if you’re not)? Sage Relationship Points -1) / Do not inquire
  • That is superficial (Sage Relationship Points -1) / I haven’t made any pals yet, but look her up / Don’t push your luck.
  • Dispute/Defend her
  • Exactly my type / I like milfs like Cathy (dream sequences > titjobs with Jade first choice, ôr femdom with Cathy second option).
  • Ignore him (Relationship Points Derek -1)
  • Check her out (Maya Relationship Points -1) / Say hell
  • English lesson

Git, His, Hit, Its, Lit, and Sit are three-letter words.

Gilt, Gist, Gits, Hilt, Hits, List, Shit, Sigh, Silt, Slit, and other four-letter nouns Sight, Light, Gilts, and Hilts are all five-letter words.

Slight and Lights are both six-letter words.

If you utilise the cheat first move, you get +1 DIK point; if you don’t, you get -1.

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Inquire about your guy / Leave it alone

Mock him (Jocks Relationship Points -1) / Calm him down

Mock him (Jocks Relationship Points -1) / He has to be calmed down.

Congratulate her (Relationship Points Jill +1 if dtype is less than 0 else Relationship Points Jill -1) / Please introduce yourself.

If you purchase “Take Notes for the Nerds,” you will earn money for each course you complete.

Make a joke. (Isabella Relationship Points -1 if dtype is more than 1) / Inquire for a library card.

Say hello (have a nasty idea / disregard him) / Avoid him.

2nd free roaming call – Dream Ending Josy

  • Why are you phoning when I miss you (Relationship Points Josy +1) / Just checking in?
  • What about your boyfriend?
  • Phone > Brawlers Game > Choose your opponent > renders as the vending machine reward corridor man Purchase a beverage for him / exit the loo > cubicle
  • Magazine (floor) special rendering
  • Select the gloryhole
  • Speak with Derek Derek gets +1 relationship point for a high five.
  • Laugh at him (+1 Derek Relationship Points) / Ignore him (don’t purchase > dev console)
  • Return to your room and study. Math
  • 5th render: a table (with a lamp).
  • At the end of the day
  • Fine / Wasn’t it you, Sage? I’m having difficulty recalling your name.
  • Yes (Sage +1 Relationship Points if dtype > 0) / No
  • Let me double-check (Relationship Points Sage +1) (dtype > 1) / What’s in it for me if you say so? No way

Answers to the Math Minigame: 

c, b, d, a, d, c, but with cheats 1 DIK point added

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 Indoors / Outdoors

A blanket cuddle / A bubble bath / Neither At a party / At home

Pay for her food (Maya +1 Relationship Points) / Don’t pay for her dinner.

Beat him up / Storm out (1st choice -1 cell from the CHICK side, 2nd choice -1 cell from the DIK side) (if you beat up Troy, go to the dev console and type: $ sports_victory = True leap sports_fight1_done

I don’t detest them (Dicks Relationship Points -1) / I despise them (Dicks Relationship Points +1)

Play along (Dicks gets +1 relationship point) / Deny

Third free roaming

  • Rendering Special: centre of the table
  • select right
  • take up money (top shelf) inspect door on the right examine door on the centre
  • Special render: enter the bathroom on the left side of the cardbox close to the loo
  • choose the panties

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  • Keep calm / Dress like a lady
  • Agree / Try to leave
  • Get engaged (needs 2 dtype) / Leave Joke (Relationship Points Dicks +1 if DIK point > 0) / Become enraged
  • Tease her (Relationship Points Isabella -1) / Don’t tease her (Relationship Points Isabella +1)
  • Stop calling me boy / Don’t call her out

Laugh (+1 relationship point to Maya) / Get irritated

fourth free wander

choose the table

Click here to learn more about gender studies.

unique rendering: upper-right book

click on the right (money) side of the closet

Examine the drawer by clicking left twice.

Rendering technique: middle conversation with Maya

Maya’s Relationship Points Increased /

Put yourself to bed.

Day’s end

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  • Sure / Together (depending on your dtype, a DIK or a CHICK point)
  • Sneak a look (dtype must be greater than 1) / Wait till she’s finished.
  • Closer inspection of ass / Closer inspection of tits
  • Compliment her (Maya gets +1 relationship point if dtype is 0). / Don’t flatter her.
  • Ask her to turn around and gaze at you / Undress while she looks (Maya +1 if dtype is 0)

The Second Dream Scene

  • Calm attitude vs. hostile approach
  • Calm attitude vs. hostile approach
  • Take a closer look / Don’t take any chances
  • No hard feelings/Do not accept an apology
  • Yes / No / It’s none of your business.
  • Accept or decline her offer (1st choice -1 cell from the CHICK side, 2nd choice -1 cell from the DIK side)

Hello / Retort

Joke / Say hello (Jill gets +1 relationship point if dtype is 0)

Whisper once more / Sit closer to her and Thank you (Relationship Points Jill -1) / It wasn’t a bold move.

The fifth free roam

  • Play browler on the phone for special renders.
  • talk to Derek
  • Chat with Josy and choose: ‘You look extremely attractive in that, Josy’ (Points of Relationship) Josy +1)
  • Speak with Maya

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  • Sneak a peek (dtype > 0 required) / Ask her what she’s doing Look closer / Don’t look closer
  • Smell her hair (Maya -1 if dtype is greater than 0). Don’t take any chances. Push her leg down (Maya +1 Relationship Points) / Stay longer
  • Too late for that (Maya +1 Relationship Points) / Okay. I’ll do my best.
  • I liked it (Maya Relationship Points +1 if dtype = 0) It was not for me.
  • Thank you for the film / Was that an offer?
  • ((Maya -1 Relationship Points) (Derek +1 Relationship Points) (requires 2 dtype) Simple credits and vag*nas / Learn more about women (+1 Relationship Points for Maya)/ Nothing off of the ordinary

Minigame for Gender Studies

Danielle, a 2 year old brown, Franz, You never informed me about the $12 glasses. Linda, 240 pounds, 2 months Jaime, your boyfriend, and also 13

The sixth free roam

  • right clickright side (closet)
  • To access a special render conversation with Derek or Sage, scroll below.
  • converse with Josy >first, second, and first responses
  • Phone > Game of Brawlers > choose an opponent > renders as a prize study English (table)
  • If you accepted Quinn’s offer, phone her / no cost humorous reaction.
  • End the day by going to bed.

Being a DIK – Episode 2 or 0.2 Walkthrough & Endings

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  • Yes (Dicks +1 Relationship Points) / No?
  • Protect Maya / If you played Camila (accepted Quinn’s) > say nothing > Tell her the truth / Stay silent
  • Make her stop (lose) / Allow her to continue while asking her to stop / Tease her with positive and negative responses.
  • Maya is appealing to me. Nice and Nothing / Nothing… nevertheless

The seventh free roam

  • investigate
  • Talk to the two males on the couch and the other at the door.
  • Right-click > fridge
  • Magazine rendering (left of the fridge)
  • Talk to Derek by clicking right. Yes (Derek +1 Relationship Points) / No requirements -1 Dik pointst > Flirty greeting / Friendly greeting Walk away / Be a smart ass requires selecting ‘Be a smart ass’ > Do you agree or disagree? Defend Maya (+1 Derek Relationship Points) / Agree with the HOTs stairs
  • Investigate and speak with all of the girls
  • Look inside and enter the janitor room, special render: book at the top behind the chait
  • Speak with the two men.

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  • To have fun with you / To assist you (Maya +1 Relationship Points)
  • Yes / No
  • Stop it (Maya +1 Relationship Points) / Allow Quinn to continue
  • Keep silent (Relationship Points Jocks -1) (Relationship Points Dicks +1)
  • Neither me nor Derek OR joke (Relationship Points Derek -1) / joke Relationship Points Maya -1 if dtype > 0, Relationship Points Maya +1 else) / inquire why
  • Tell her all you know / Don’t tell her about Quinn
  • Yes / No, father (Dicks +1 Relationship Points)
  • Acceptance / Concentration

The eighth free roam

  • Click right twice to examine, left to view two scenes, and down to explore near the rope.
  • Climb higher
  • Go first / Allow Derek to go first
  • Investigate on the right, and pay attention to Jill.
  • Keep an eye on her / Don’t keep an eye on her
  • Magazine rendering (bed > right drawer)
  • Investigate the chair, click on the right, and get the money.
  • Special rendering: behind the logs (fireplace).
  • Other unique renderings: (bed > left drawer) book
  • Rendering technique: Click on the bookshelf in the second row from the bottom, on the far right.
  • Look around near the vase for money.
  • Select Derek.
  • Yes
  • Money: Drawer beneath the three books
  • To terminate the free roam, click right, then the moose.

Minigame for English Class

  • Her, Pee, Per, Rep, See, and She are three-letter words.
  • Here, Hers, Peer, Reps, Seep, and Seer are four-letter words.
  • Peers, Sheep, Sheer, and Spree are all five-letter words.
  • Herpes is a six-letter word, as is Sphere (+1 DIK point if you use the trick, -1 otherwise).

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The ninth free roam

  • phone call > conversation with father
  • I’ll send you the money / I already purchased it (money +1) / Thank you, Dad. (money +1)
  • If you accepted to Quinn’s proposition, call her and purchase a special item (3 dollars).
  • Special rendering: phone brawler minigame
  • 1st right, 2nd left drawer = money study English (table)
  • (Relationship Points) Click on the guitar. Maya +1)
  • Speak with Maya

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Stay with Maya (Maya Relationship Points +1) / go the party I intend to go (Relationship Points Dicks +1) / No

Minigame for Mice

  • The pointer always stays within the path’s limits, three times = special render
  • Do it (Dicks +1 Relationship Points) / Pass “Go home to Maya (Derricks +1 Relationship Points) / Stay and party
  • if you choose ‘Stay and party’ and completed all stages of the minigame > Find Sage / Find Sarah (this option is only available if you purchased the unique item from Quinn) if you choose ‘Find Sage’ > Kiss her / Exit if you selected ‘Kiss her’ > Yes (Relationship Points Sage +1 if dtype > 0) / No if ‘Find Sarah’ was selected > *sex scene* if you chose ‘Go home to Maya’ > Tell her about the HOTs / Don’t tell her about the HOTs (this option changes a variable that isn’t utilised in this version) Don’t kiss her / Kiss her (better scenes = kiss) Why shouldn’t we kiss / Don’t you want to kiss (you will only receive the se*x scene if you choose -3 dtype 2 and -3 dtype 3). “Kiss her at the branching point)”
  • Tell the truth / Avoid the inquiry (Maya Relationship Points -1) ‘Tell the truth’ is required > Kiss her cheek (Maya +1 Relationship Points) / Please do not kiss her.
  • Purchase chocolate / Purchase flowers / Purchase nothing for her
  • Speak with him / 1st option -1 cell from the CHICK side, 2nd choice -1 cell from the DIK side)
  • Hug / cheek kiss (+1 connection point for Josy) (In v0.1, if you bought a flower for Josy and asked her about flowers during the third phone conversation, you received a flower.) gain Relationship Points Josy +2, otherwise you get Relationship Points Josy +1.)
  • Compliment food / Compliment effort (Josy +1 Relationship Points)
  • Inquire about your mother.
  • Inquire about your father.
  • Yes / No
  • Continue with the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Conclusions

  • Accept / Dislike if you selected ‘Accept’ > Give her a compliment (Relationship Points) Josy If dtype is 1), then +1. Don’t take any chances (3rd dream scenario)
  • Yes, it does. Not a joke / Inquire why
  • Examine her cleavage / Do not examine her cleavage
  • Calm approach vs. hostile approach (skip the minigame, open the dev console, and enter $ ep2_dawe_fight_won = True leap ep2_after_dawe_fight_label)
  • Stay and fight / flee (1st option -1 cell on the CHICK side, 2nd choice -1 cell on the DIK side)
  • Alphas / Adorable outfit
  • Check her out (this option is only available if dtype > 0) / Don’t take any chances.
  • Mock Dawe (Sage Relationship Points +1) / Don’t make fun of Dawe.
  • Stop / Return her kiss
  • Attempt to talk her out of it / Sympathize
  • Yes (if you wish to continue assisting Sage) / No
  • Be angry with Chad / Learn more about Sage (Sage +1 relationship points if dtype > 0)
  • Yes (Sage +1 Relationship Points) (guitar class scene with Sage) / No
  • Take a closer look / Don’t take any chances
  • Hello, Bella. Hello Isabella (Isabella Relationship Points -1)
  • Congratulate them (Jill +1 Relationship Points) / Don’t force it.
  • Take a closer look / Don’t take any chances
  • Yes / No
  • Ignore him / Say hello
  • Joke / Don’t respond Jill (Relationship Points Isabella +1) / Who do you fancy?
  • Compliment her (+1 Isabella Relationship Points) / Thank her

The tenth free roam

Talk to your father, Josy, and Maya, and Brawler play > special render

Vault app on phone, 4-4-1-3 to unlock 5 exclusive renders

Table and research money: Click to the right of the kettle.

Explore till you reach the bookshelf, then center-bottom the red book > unique rendering

The door in the centre Peek (Relationship Points Isabella -1) / Don’t Peek Right Door

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Look closer / Don’t look any closer, I recall / It’s foggy outside.

Request a ride (Relationship Points Isabella -1 if dtype is more than 0) / Walk

Learn about women’s concerns (Isabella Relationship Points +1) / Easy credits

Thank you / (Better) kiss her as well as Yes/No

Answers for Math Minigame

 c, a, a, a, c, c, d, d, b, d +1 DIK point with tricks 

“Sympathise / It’s his decision if you decide to instruct Sage > Wait until she’s finished to correct her. Correct her / Wait till she’s finished if you selected ‘Correct her’ > Flirt (Sage Relationship Points +1) / Maintain your concentration. / Kiss her If you choose ‘Kiss her,’ you will not be able to witness the tit*job scene until you kissed Sage during the party.”

Minigame on Gender Studies

Chocolate 5, 3, Diet orange, Fries, Whiskers, Lemons 0, 5 years a blue shirt with white polka dots

  • Positive vs. negative response
  • Don’t flirt / Flirt
  • Inquire about the music / Accept your apology and depart

As a DIK, Endings & Walkthrough – Episode 3 or 0.3

  • Do you agree or disagree?
  • Yes / No I don’t / I’ll try, but not me / No way

Minigame of Brawler

If necessary, cheat:

  • 4 $ sports_hp
  • $ sports_mov = 4 swindle 4 $ sports_dex
  • $ sports_pow = 4 or simply: $ ep3_chad_fight_won = Successful jump ep3_after_chad_fight_pov_label

Continue with the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Conclusions

  • Just tell her a joke
  • Yes / No
  • That’s adorable / That’s scary (chick or neutral) and Turn your head / Do not move (the former is a better scene). Remove your hand / Gently move your hand
  • Complement her clothes (Jill gets +1 relationship point if dtype is 0) / Hello and good morning.
  • Tease him (Relationship Points Prep -1) / Make him happy
  • Do you agree or disagree?
  • Yes / No (Jill -1) Relationship Points
  • Peek / Don’t take any chances.
  • Discuss / exit if you selected ‘Discuss’ > Take it easy on her / Be rude (Jill Relationship Points -1)
  • Peek / Don’t take any chances.
  • Offer to assist her / Do not assist her

The eleventh free roam

    • open the phone
    • Talk to Derek (2nd and 2nd), Josy, Sage (2nd), (needs teaching her guitar) and others.
    • rooster application:
    • Picking the one with ‘Rusty’ yields (Relationship Points Derek +1), the other (Relationship Points Dicks +1) (+1).
    • photo with ‘Maya’, selecting the one at the top gives (+1), the other (Relationship Points Maya +1) (-1) with ‘Jill’, picking the one at the top provides (Relationship Points Preps -1) (+1) (picking the latter will result in your message being labelled as harassment).
    • photo with ‘Riona’
    • phone > special render > brawler
    • Play the shuffle board and study maths for money.
    • unique rendering: book to the left of the pens
    • money: notes panel above the closet ‘scroll down and then left, then click on the beers, a hovering minigame will start, win 5 times to unlock a special render’
    • choose Maya

Continue with the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Conclusions

  • Wear the dilso helmet / Give it to Derek
  • Pay for her dinner / Do not pay if you attempted to kiss her Isabella +1 if you tried to spy on Isabella. +1 if you paid for her dinner.
  • If you offended a cafeteria staff, you received a -1. Troy -2 if you pass the English and Math tests +2 if you wear the helmet -1
  • 0 Relationship Points TOTAL Isabella -1, >0 Relationship Points Isabella +2) (‘Wear the dilso helmet’ required) Just tell her a joke Put your hand on her thigh and do nothing.

Mini-Mathematics Game

cheats = 1 DIK point b, a, a, b, c, d, b, d, a, d

Don’t worry (Derek +1 Relationship Points)/ That was foolish > It was sexy (Derek +1 Relationship Points) / Fuck you Do it / Let Derek do it

Yes / No Pry / Leave it alone (Quinn’s girl service prior to the > scene)

Sage will need to take guitar lessons.) Concentrate on the struggle / Concentrate on Sage (Sage +1 Relationship Points) I’m here to help you / Forget about him (Sage needs You took guitar lessons but didn’t kiss her) Yes / No (Sage ignores the former) It’s just me being horny (Sage +1 Relationship Points) / We’ll have to wait and see what happens.(Sage Relationship Points -1) to relinquish control / to have control

Let Derek do the DIK business (1st option -1 cell from the CHICK side, 2nd choice -1 cell from the DIK side)

The 12th free roam

  • “To unlock a special render, click the right arrow twice, then click on the floor between the table and the sofa – click the left arrow three times, then click at the foot of the left blue sofa to pick up money – click right, then click the sofa in the centre of the scene, then click at the right of the bottle to unlock a special render – click on Jacob (it doesn’t matter which girl you choose in the dialogue with him, Jacob will give you money at the end) – click on Nick Click on Brandi to cheer him up or buy him a lap dance. Watch her dance / Lap dance / Leave if you select ‘Watch her dance’ > Grab her tits / Su*ck on her toes / Just watch her dance”
  • / Get rid of Derek, needs ‘Get rid of Derek’ > Envy Laugh at Derek’s Joke (Relationship Points Derek +1) Request that the cock be signed / Inquire about a > scenario > private dance (requires money = 4)
  • Jamie Lap dance / I can’t afford it (Relationship Points Derek +1) / Leave if you chose ‘Watch her dance’ > Squeeze her ass / Just watch her dance, needs ‘Put a finger in her’ > P*ussy / A*ss
  • Rusty = cash
  • Rose Watch her dance / Lap dance / Leave, ‘Watch her dance’ is required > Squeeze her tit / Just watch her dance, ‘Lap dance’ required > Feel her pus*sy / Su*ck on her tit
  • Dicks, Tommy, Requires Relationship Points > or = 5
  • Tommy once again

Guess the boobs is a guessing game.

  • [“small”, “cute”, “perky”, “tiny”] Lily also says [“firm”, “they have an edge”, “pretty tight”, “very smooth”].
  • [“big”, “amazing”, “almost too big for my hands”, “great”] Rose also [“firm”, “so tight”, “muscular”, “heavy”] – Brandi > [“large”, “enormous”, “really heavy”, “gigantic”] likewise [“soft,” “a little saggy,” “smooth,” “ideal for a titjob”]

Continue with the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Conclusions

  • Inform her about Maya / Find another place to stay (Relationship Points) Josy -1)
  • Gender studies in English
  • Examine her / Do not examine her
  • Flirt with your feet (Jill +1 Relationship Points) / Continue your studies.
  • I greet the guests/I spank Sally/I flirt with Jill
  • I assault / defend the elf / spank Sally
  • Sure / Nope, ‘Sure’ is required > Give them pants / Call Camila out,’Call Camila out’ is required > Tell her off / Show me yours (high dtype required), needs ‘Show me yours’ > Stop/Continue if you selected ‘Continue’ > Camila’s scene / Mona’s scene

Minigame in English

Words with three letters: act, ant, can, cat, gin, git, nag, nit, tag, tic, tan, and tin.

Words with four letters: agin, anti, cant, inca, gain, gait, gnat, tang, and ting.

Acing, actin, antic, and likewise gigantic are five-letter words.

+1 DIK point for 6 letter words: acting cheats

Continue with the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Conclusions

  • Do you agree or disagree?
  • Who were they? The clown’s lips
  • The shaved one / The hairy one / There are no preferences.
  • Take it farther / Put a stop to it (1st choice -1 cell from the CHICK side, 2nd choice -1 cell from the DIK side)
  • Female / Male Wear a helmet or don’t wear one

The 13th free roam

up > villa thru open window

Special rendering: kitchen > to the left of the sink

unusual rendering: twice right > twice left, > bookshelf (right) > row of books (middle) > window twice right > kitchen window door on the left

Continue with the Being a DIK Walk-through & Conclusions

Be truthful / conceal the truth

Don’t take any chances with her.

Examine her / Do not examine her

As a result of Jill / Tybalt (assuming you achieved the Relationship Points) Isabella +2 (previous scene) > branching Ignore Bella / Pay Bella a visit (1st > Bella scenario)

14th unrestricted roaming

Jill conversation, 2nd answer (2 options emerge)

Sage conversation requires MC. I agree… buddy rooster app – click on the item with Sage, Cathy, and Maya > top gives (+Relationship Points Maya +1) (+1), bottom gives (Relationship Points Maya +1) (-1) – Brawler > cash

shuffle > cash

Vault code 3985 study math, click on Maya for special renderings

Continue with the Being a DIK Walkthrough & Conclusions

Stay with Maya / Go to Quinn’s dorm (needs Quinn’s proposal…3), ‘Go to Quinn’s dorm’ > ‘Stay with Maya’ Yes/No (if ‘Yes,’ address the MC by name) Yes / No (pet name if ‘Yes’) An*al s*ex / Va*ginal s*ex (more variants) Exactly way I like them / Too little, Put it in her a*ss/Put it in her pus*sy ‘Stay with Maya’ and ‘Offer your aid’ are required.

Being a DIK – Episode 4 or 0.4 Walkthrough & Endings

You can spend the night with Derek, Sage (guitar lessons required), or Bella (if you “Go see Bella” before the 14 free roam).

  • Derek: Punch him (DIKchoice), don’t disrespect him (chickchoice), and the rest is irrelevant.
  • Sage: If you choose, you will gain points with her.
  • Short red gorl hair
  • The DIKs know her if you select I’m more interested in you if you don’t choose
  • Don’t pick Consume Shit
  • At the conclusion of this route: It’s none of your business (+2 DiKpoints).
  • Isabella: Take a look at her… (DIKchoice)
  • If you did not choose Derek: Leave him alone and mind your own business (DIKoption), the other two = +1 Derek point

Minigame in English

(DIKchoice) Cheats

Words with three letters: leo, aeon, one, son, sos

Words with four letters: aeons, lens, less, lone, lose, loss, noel, nose, ones, single, sons

six-letter words: lesson

If you complement Isabella at the end of the minigame and before the following free roam, you will lose 1 point with her.

The fifteenth free roam

Phone: Jill: always the second answer

Talk to Josy: Any Rooster application: Item with the title Dave, item with the title Tybalt, and item with the title Sage

Play Brawler (special rendering) and plat Shuffle (cash).

App Swipper: When you converse with 5 girls, swipe up:

Catrin: 1, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Option C: 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Ellie: 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2

Nicole: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3

Fatty Options 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2 for Ida

Put down the phone.

Sage’s path

Gender studies should be studied, and a particular render may be obtained by clicking on the yellow area (top left).

Toggle the guitar

Click on the beers to see a special render (minigame).

Magazine on the chair (artistic rendering)

Mona > Bathroom > > Inquire with someone else (CHICKpoint) and look closer (DIKpoint) > get out of the toilet

Correct Door > Release (CHICKpoint) and hip movement (DIKpoint)

Kitchen > Elena Livint Room (Up > Last room) > key (right of sofa) > move left and click the magazine (special render) > Heather > (Only if you’re on DiKpath) Wrap a blanket over her (DiKpoint)

Basement > White drawer feet (special rendering)

Sauna: No way > She wouldn’t (both DIKpoints) > Remove or Tease

Pool > Sage > Underwater > Return to your bed and call it a day.

Derek’s path

Left desk, up arrow, then horizontal Spike (special render)

Gender studies should be studied.

beers, minigame (special rendering)

Start with the drawer on the left, you’ll be told if something is trapped behind it, then 3rd from the top, 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 4th, click on the magazine (special render).

Click the pillow on Bert’s bed (special render).

Up arrow, click above the shelves on the right (special render).

go to the top of the room > left drawer, open the first drawer, and click the black line (special render).

Derek Corridor

button down > vending machine

go up the corridor > bag > magazine (rendering special)

On the left, a student wearing a yellow shirt.

Down two times, left > magazine rack, click on the magazine just below Amorette (unique render).

Bert and Eugene: Correct them (dikpoint). Take care (chik).

Push him (dikpoint), Ron.

To terminate free roam, click on Derek’s bed.

Isabella’s path

Kitchen > Watering Can Pool > Bella > Plant Watering Tips

Beer (special version)

Fill the container halfway with room temperature water.

Look for plants, first touch the soil; the MC will tell you what kind of plant it is; leave orchids and bonsai alone; for all other plants, if the MC says the soil is already moist, don’t water it; if he says it’s a little bit dry, water it a little; if he says it’s very dry, water it a lot. There are a total of 17 plants; you receive 1 point for each correct action and lose 2 points for each incorrect action. To unlock some material with Isabella after the free roam, you must gather at least 8 watering points.

is finished.

When you’re through with the plants, walk up to the room where Isabela has stored your belongings, change into your swimming trunks, play with the guitar, and click on the desk to study gender studies.

Return to the screen with three doors in a row, click the door on the left and the table in the centre of the room, and do the dishes.

Return to the pool and click the chair next to Isabella to terminate the free roaming.

Isabella’s Situation

Assist her with sunscreen: Ass & Splash

Take it a step farther and follow her Sage’s path.

Correct decision

Hold her hand > Put your hand > Do it > Do you want to grab (dikpoint) or not (chick)?

Derek’s path

Allows for another free roam (16th free roam).

Choose “hey Nicole” instead.

When you speak with Rusty: Lap Dancing

If you pay and are short of cash, you will receive (+1 Dikpoint). 


Answers in math: b, d, a, d, b, a, c, b, d, a

Genfer research answers: Karen Rebeca Johnson, 7 years, cows, librarian, your mother, 19 years and 2 months, 2 years, 44dB, history and latin

Jade’s path

(If you continued with her on v 0.3)

Congratulate her on her positive reaction

No, let her shower first.

You know what? Have you had s*x? (dikpoint) Laugh at him or join him for (+1Rpdickpoint)

The 17th free roam

Take out your phone and:

Speak with Jill

Call Sage (choose I Miss You).

Money Vault > Render Shuffle > Brawler Close the phone and enter the app code: 0421 (6 renders).

Janitor closet (artistic rendering)

A unique render is hidden behind one of the black sofas in the theatre room.

Unlock another unique render in the library > The brown book

Talk to Nick, John Boy, Riona (a Being a DIK Walkthrough for kissing her back), Jamie and Leon, Sarah and Melanie (a dikpoint for eatingshit and leaving a chick point), Tommy, Rusty, Jacob, Heather, Mona (offer her alcohol), and Quinn (where Tommy was).

After then, assuming you haven’t been rejected or rejected by Maya and Josy, you can sleep with one or both of them. Both are the greatest options, although V 0.2 requires a scene with Josy.

The remaining options till the conclusion of V 0.4 have no consequences.

As a DIK, Endings & Walkthrough – Episode 5 or 0.5

Fight Caleb (-1 Chick, but +1 RPdicks if you win) or go away (-1dik).

I’ll make it quixk depending on how she takes it (RPJill +1).

Don’t ask for further information.

The 18th free 

  • Roaming Rooster app > Camila (your preference) > Lily’s (1st preference) > Anthony (both) > Josy (1st preference)
  • App Brawler: Play first and second opponents
  • Check out the latest photos on the Shuffle Swypper app.
  • Close the phone
  • Right > painting on the floor > door (Riona’s scene) > left > sofa > right of the couch (special render) > left > painting on the floor > door (Riona’s scene) > If you want to pay Riona money and have previously employed Riona’s services through Quinn’s restaurant, you will be given the opportunity > Take a chance on it.
  • First, on the right, click on the two paintings, then on the four books, and last, on the new screen, click on the bottom-right angle of the bottom book (unique render).Back > first door on the left > globe > bottom right corner of the globe
  • Click to the left, then the two paintings, and finally the black area on the bottom shelf to the left of the empty space between the books (special render).
  • Drawer > right-hand door > (number 42, part of the vaul code) > If you’re not on Josy&Maya’s route, wear the suit > I’ll be there for you.
  • Proceed > the door on the left
  • Make no excuses for yourself.
  • Let it be (+dik) OR retort (+dik)
  • Your option
  • Click the washbasin, then the top-left corner of the second magazine (special render).
  • > Hottub Join them (if they are accessible) > your preference > Take a look at Heather… (+dik)
  • Upstairs > right book (special render) > shelves > select the far right line (special rendering)
  • Go outside > right door > Piano > start (special render)
  • Pendulum clock bottom (special rendering)
  • Go out > Large door > First door on the left (special rendering) > step outside > next door on the left
  • 2nd row from the bottom, far left (special render) in the library (right)
  • > Ashley We tried contacting you / Leave (+chick) downstairs > ahead > right door > Magazine on the sofa (artistic rendering)
  • Tybalt’s phone number > Check it (+dik) OR Ignore it > Take a picture (+2dik)
  • Bathroom door (special rendering) > to the left of the towels
  • Library > Left > Library > The books on the bottom left shelf have a dark spot at the bottom right (special render).
  • Drawer > above the first book on the left (special rendering)
  • Go outside > open the white door > signal the… (RPDicks+1) OR leave
  • Go down to the first floor > Lily > That’s not something I’d desire (+chick) OR Damn, I want a personal… (+dik)
  • Door on the right > top right corner of the shortest drawer on the right
  • right (special rendering)
  • Return to the correct door to enter the bar Tequila bottle > speak with the barman > Derek > Dereck > Tequila bottle > Camila > Request assistance from Camila > Kiss her once more
  • 1st floor > Lily > Ask the barman for salt and lemon > Right-click (alumni) > A University Student
  • Click on the rag on top of the shelves, then return to the bar and right again. Only if you had a scene with her in an earlier version >> Look (+dik) OR Don’t look (+chick) Take it (+2Dik) OR don’t take it (+chik)
  • Exit > back > left > click the unlocked room on the left > (Special rendering) A white speck above the fireplace
  • Return to the loo > WC > Inadvertently cause > > Kitchen Magazine on the left (artistic rendering) > Champagne (Only accessible via the Josy&Maya trail)
  • Lily > 1st floor > back > Stop her (+chick) OR make out (+dik & scene) (if in the route of Josy&Maya) 2nd floor > rear > Join them in their dance.
  • Contact Quinn (phone).

Following free roam,

Sneak a peek (+dck) OR Don’t look (+chick) I’m sure scenario (if in Sage’s path)

If you are on the Josy&Maya route, and it is dependent on your prior choice:

> Follow her Take it slot > your preference > Assure her.

Look for Maya > We’ll give it a go.

Certainly not in the path of Josy and Maya > Don’t choose Sage’s path, but not Josy and Maya’s > I really apologies (+chick) OR It’s Hell Week (+dck).

Make fun of him.

He should be punched.

Modest (+chick) OR Confident (+dck)

Make an offer to drive her home > No, I’d want to continue > Play for them > I recall

The 19th free roam

  • Phone > message Dereck (your option) > message Quinn (your choice) > call Sage (if you want to spend the night with her) > What are you doing, Brawler app? Play both (earn $1 and get a special render).
  • Play the Shuffle Swyper app.
  • Catrin: 1, 2, 2, 2, 2.
  • 1-2-2-1-1-1-2-2, Nicole
  • Ellie: 1-1-1-2-2-1
  • Nora: 1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-2-1-1
  • 1-1-1-2-2-2-1 Arieth
  • Your pick, Paula.

Go down > close phone > beneath the huge bulb (special rendering)

Peek (+3 dick) OR Don’t > Right door

Back up > to the right > to the shelves > top right shelf book (special render)

Upstairs > shelves > bottom left > furthest left book (special render) (if in Josy&Maya path) Call Josy or Maya to earn 1 point for the one you select Bed

After the 19th, you have free reign.

Check her out (+dik) OR Don’t bother with her (+chik)

Take a peek (+dik) OR don’t take a peek (+chik)

Take her hand if you selected ‘I’m a kind man’ in v0.4.

Your option: He’s a decent man / I’m not sure about dating

How did you find it? Was it for real?

Your option: Can’t say I love you / Afraid of being himself?

If you choose ‘I’m a decent man’ in v0.4 > Take it to the next level 

20th free wander

Phone number > Mc’s father (1-1-1-2-1-1-2) > Respond to Sage > If you are in their path, please contact Josy or Maya.

Rooster application: comment on new posts

Play both as a brawler.

Shuffle the music and turn off the phone.

Back > Left door > left drawer (number 6 is part of the vault code)

(Special rendering) A white speck to the left of the drawer

Stairs > up > right > The vault code is: middle door > shampoo bottles (shower) > number 2.

To obtain a unique render, close the hight drawer (top right).

Vault App > Phone > 4226 (custom render)

Left > pool door > white door > book over rubbish (special rendering)

Go outside > return to the kitchen > Bella

Left > grey spot on the right side of the white drawer (rendering special)

Up > Down > Up > Magazine on the table (special rendering)

Up > left door (Bella’s study) > Blue book (special rendering)

Kitchen > to the left > door to the left > Up > bottom right drawer (special rendering)

Jill > pool > paint


following the 20th free roam


  • Choose between agreeing and laughing.
  • Maintain your silence.
  • Peek (+3dik) vs. No peek > If you peek, don’t leave until you’ve seen both.
  • Congratulate them
  • Laugh it off (+dik) or take it seriously
  • Only look at Bella if you’re in dik’s route.
  • Sneak a glance at Jill (+dik) OR Don’t sneak a peek (+chick)
  • OR make a joke (+dik) OR spread your legs
  • Look more closely (+dik) OR concentrate (+chick)
  • Examine bella (+dik) OR Examine Jill
  • Focus (+chick) OR Closer (+dik)
  • Don’t be ridiculous x4
  • Your option: Whether you look closely or not
  • Try it
  • Jill Bella > Play with her feet.
  • Jill’s Yoga > Look at…your option, and don’t be silent if you selected ‘I’m a good person’ in v0.4 > kiss her Sauna with Bella > You’re going to sweat anyhow > if you choose ‘Go visit Bella’ in v0.3 > Make an approach on her > I believe you are lovely > Ingredients: eggs, milk, sugar, baking powder, flour Done in order to profit
  • Make fluffy pancakes (+chik) OR over-mix pancakes (+dik).
  • Full, low, or medium (+Jill) or medium (+Isabella) heat
  • Your option: What type of class? A cooking class? Libraries 101?
  • (If you’re on Sage’s route) > Inquire about…your pick > Popsi, phone, and pen
  • Draw a heart on Josy (+chik) OR (+dik).
  • Maya drawing > type CUTIE

Being a DIK – Episode 6 or 0.6 Walkthrough & Endings

Don’t Flirt Fight (+dik) or Don’t Flirt Fight (+chick)

Episode 6 of the 21st free roam


  • Rooster app: respond to the latest three posts
  • Brawler application (special rendering) > pick the first opponent
  • Shuffle the music and turn off the phone.
  • Left > black shelf on the left > three books, two volumes on the right (special rendering)
  • Left > book on the floor (special render) >book pile, reddish book inclined 45°, click under it (special render)
  • Right > Right > 2nd door from the left > little to the left > money
  • Return to the hall > down > stairs > right > money beneath the chair
  • Back up > right door > magazine on the floor (special render) > Derek
  • Back > left door (bathroom) > left of bottom white shelf (special render)
  • Step down > Step down > Door > Scene > Closer Inspection > 1st door on the right > Jacob
  • Return to > 1st from the left door > books on the right beneath the bed (special rendering)
  • Return to the previous screen > Up > Under the garbage can (special render) > Nick
  • the first door on the left
  • Customise icon on laptop > DK folder > Jamie folder > To Dany (44 is part of the vault code) > Pack Quest (take a snapshot, there are many hints) > shut the laptop
  • Back up > right door (library) > candle wick (special render)
  • Right-hand door > scene
  • Return > down > down > left > Look at the first vein and click just to the left of it (special render).
  • Go to the Janitor’s Room > click on the small trophy to the left of Derek’s legs Being a DIK Walkthrough (special render)
  • Laptop room > snout of the white bear in the wall photos (special render)
  • Return to the library hall and click on the bottom of the axe on the second door from the left (special render).
  • Go down > Down > stairs > right door > scene
  • The keg’s red plug (special rendering)
  • Return to the hall below the library > 1st door on the left > Click the Enjoy (special rendering) button.
  • Go to Jacob’s room > plane on the pillow to the left of Jacob (special render) Being a DIK Walkthrough
  • Main Hall > Up > Door > Left Up Arrow > Scene > press the button on the air conditioner’s bottom left (unique rendering).
  • Green curtain > scene > glance > Flirt (accessible only in the dik path)
  • Laptop > bottom right clock (custom rendering) > Click the Finish Quest button > choose the wallpapers icon
  • Return from the dining room and click on Tommy to terminate the free roam.

Episode 6 follows the 21st free roam.

  • Your option: Accept / It’s a little late for that if Caleb is fighting > Your option > Activate Her > Goodbye, Jam Hamp.
  • If there was a scene with Jade in the previous version > Tease (must be partnered with Sarah) > > Flirty Peek (+dk) vs. Don’t (+chick) If you made a move on her, you may either pay her or get it for free (you must be matched with Maya). Minigame Answers include: W&W, Burgers, Paris, Skinny Cunt, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Veterinarian. The following three answers are determined by what you choose during the Maya outdoor scene in Chapter 1
  • (Josy and Maya’s route) > I, like you, use statistics to determine who to allocate to each position.
  • Scene with Bella (needs Visit Bella in Chapter 3 and make a move on her in Chapter 5) > Joke
  • If you are not on Bella’s path, click here. Accept
  • I’ll listen if you want to chat.
  • Optional (if available): Say goodnight to her or kiss her
  • Optional (if available): Help her or abandon her?
  • Peek (+dik) OR Avoid (+chick)
  • Compliment Josy
  • c, b, a, d, b, c, d, a, b, b, c, d, a, b, b
  • Begin with Sage and Quinn: To agree or to make a joke
  • Sage and Quinn: Agree or Laugh?
  • Maya and Josy: Pretend you don’t know > Make fun of her (+dik) Don’t make fun of her (+chick).
  • If they are available: OR, you may > Peek > Your selection
  • Minigame: As previously, purchase improvements (Bella’s path): Peek (+dik) vs. Don’t (+chick) Grasp her hand
  • Left + Right = Study maths

Episode 6 of the 22nd free roam

Phone: Respond to Dad

Rooster: Respond to the previous two Brawler: vs. 2nd opponent (special render)

Play the Shuffle Swipper app:

Catrin: Your call.

Close the phone

Laptop (6 is a component of the vault code)

Book in yellow (bottom left) > If you happen to be in Jull’s route > Make a note > Cute Down arrow > Karen walk down to the shelf area > first up arrow from the left > Joke > Bella

Back up > Left > Right > Shelf on wheels, Minigame: walk through each shelf, hovering the mouse halfway through each row of books until you see a white dot, which is the secret button you must click.

Shelves > third up arrow from left > nerd (don’t purchase cheats)

Back > scene > final up arrow from the left

Return to the previous scene by going back > left > left > 2nd up arrow from the left > scene

If you use the Josy and Maya route: Flirt > Yes > Go higher up.

Return to > the first arrow from the left

Back > to the right > scenario (first arrow from the left)

Yes > your option

Back up > 2nd up arrow from right > scene

Sneak a peek (+dik) OR don’t (+chick)

Contact Derek (phone) > I apologise.

Return to the jacket and click it.

Take a position behind Sally OR Attract the goblin

Make use of charm.

I use charm to lure her.

Episode 6 of Save Point

There are several scenarios and options to save and try.

SAVE and try them all, but in order to get points:

Fruit store > Talk to Merchant, and I’ll give him a high five for Fortress gate OR Sewers Fortress gate > Attack the guard who is shocked OR hide behind Sally > Your option

Sewers: Sneak in OR sing a song > If you’re sneaky, play a tune. Get away!

SAVE &: Climb the stairs OR go through the corridors OR Make your way downstairs.

Upstairs: Pick the lock > get lockpicks from the blacksmith > solve the lowlifes minigame to gain entrance to the little chamber and obtain the pot and wand > scene

Downstairs: Assist her in getting unstuck.

Corridors: various outcomes based on your choices

Just say anything (if you’re in Josy and Maya’s route). (Ask Maya and Josy) Do it (+dik) OR Pass (+chick)

Minigame in English:

3 > Ego, End, Aeon, Gel, God, Led, Leg, Log, Nod, Nog, Old, One

Done, Gold, Gone, Lend, Loge, Lone, Long, Node, Noel, Ogle are all examples of four-letter words.

Lodge, Longe, Ogled, and Olden

Dongle, Golden, and Longed

Accept money for a mansion

Episode 6 of the 23rd free roam

Bella’s phone number is 1, 1, 1.

Your decision, Josy and Maya

Quinn: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Rooster app: respond to the most recent entry

Play brawler vs. second (special render).

Play the Shuffle

Call Sage > Assist her

Call Josy and Maya (if you’re on their route) and hang up.

Click on the dark area (centre) (number 3 is part of the vault code) on the left.

4463 (special renderings) Vault app

Right > right > bottom left box (special rendering)

Lower > Lower > Magazine on the shelf (artistic rendering)

Rusty > Left

Left > magazine beneath the sofa (artistic rendering)

Down > Upstairs > Up > Clean the wall Up > Right door > Derek’s room scene

Go back > down > door > up > right door > ask Jacob to sketch

Return to the previous page > left door > magazine on the floor (special rendering) > Nick

Back > Up > Right-hand door

Return to Rusty and click on the board.

Episode 6 follows the 23rd free roam.

Mansion Minigame (if you happen to be on Jill’s route) > Choose between Jill and Sage (depending on your route).

If you choose Jill, pay for it and don’t peek. 

Episode 6 celebrates her 24th free travel.

Jacket > Basket > Jill > Caress > Conversation > End Being a DIK Walkthrough

You may choose between Derek doing it and We doing it.


Lower yourself > Wipes under the espresso machine > Stove (tea) > fridge (cold meat) > medical cabinet to the left of the fridge

Give Sage the four objects > Don’t Laugh > Bring the hangout to a close.

Episode 6 follows the 24th free roam.

I miss it as well.

Take a Fake ID (-chick) or Stay at Home (-dik) If you take a Fake ID > Truth (+chick) or Lie (+dik) Sure

Episode 6 of the 25th free roam

Magazine bottom middle (special rendering)

Up > Magazine on top of a white box (special rendering)

Down > Left > Cathy > Right > magazines to the left of the beer (special rendering) > Bartender

Take a closer look (+dik) or don’t (+chick)

Choose Nora > Take a chance on it.

If you did not choose Jill: Yes

As a DIK, Endings & Walkthrough – Episode 7 or 0.7

  • 1159 is the vault code.
  • Calm her down (+Maya) or protect Josy (+Josy) x2 Cheap sheets that are polite
  • Keep calm in response
  • Hug her (only for girls) or Don’t try to soothe yourself here.
  • What additional possibilities do you have (just if you follow Josy&Maya)? OR It’s awful if you don’t leave.
  • > Seduce her Go to bed

 26th free roam Episode 7

  • Boxes (bottom right) for the
  • Messages > Phone Contacts:
  • Jill: 1-2-1-1-1-1-1
  • Maya: 1-2-2-1-2-1-1
  • Rusty: 1-1-2
  • Riona: 1-2-1-1
  • Quinn: 1-1-2-1
  • Insert 1 into the Vault app.
  • Brawler app: unique rendering
  • Shuffle for money
  • Close the phone and choose the guitar.
  • Maya > Cuddle (only if you’re on the Josy&Maya route)
  • Down Arrow Math Minigame: b, d, b, c, c, a, d, c, a, d, c, a, d, c, a, d

Apologise after the 26th free roam episode

Can I assist you?

Is it due of the image?

Any option

Stay You Have a Choice

Don’t be concerned.

x2 Flirt (In v0.5, this requires Accept the Pize). Accept Madam or Mommy’s greeting

Stay a while.

Do it with a kiss

Episode 7 of the 27th free roam

  • Messages > Phone Contacts:
  • Josy: 1-1-1-1
  • Maya: 1-1-1-1
  • Quinn: 2
  • Nick: 1-1
  • Apps include Rooster, Brawler, Shuffle, and Three Tiles.
  • Close the phone and press the down arrow.
  • Episode 7 follows the 27th free roam.

  • Depending on your course, save or choose:
  • Quinn: Any option > click on the smartphone, book, hookah, or her (all options)
  • Josy: She’s a b**ch > pick your poison > agree > If you’re not on Jill’s path, choose Truth > Move in closer
  • Maya: Laughter
  • 28th free wander Episode 7

  •  Phone Numbers > Messages:
  • Jamie: 1-1-1-1
  • Maya: You have an option.
  • Pack mission: new quest and locate the ten buttons
  • Rooster, Brawler, Shuffle, Three tiles… are some of the apps available. Put down the phone.
  • You must speak with Sage and force all of the Alphas to leave the celebration.
  • Upstairs: chat to Jacob up arrow > left door > elena’s room > desk > click on the little black bottle > Take the bottle of absinthe > small blue space immediately above the last white book on the right (special render) back > left > click the tip of the elephant trunk
  • Return twice to the right door (Arieth’s chamber) > click the tip of the black d… (wall) > click the foot of the sofa (special render) > choose Arieth > Any option > return twice > Jacob’s door on the left
  • Go back to the beginning by clicking the back button > down twice > top door > left door > go left > in the middle of the wooden bench (special render) > return to the middle stall’s feet (special rendering)
  • Return twice > click the butterfly’s upper wing > choose Elena & Sarah
  • Down > door > backyard > magazine (render)
  • down > right > left door > click the tiger’s nose > click between bed and wall (render) > desk > magazine beneath desk (render) Being a DIK Walkthrough
  • back 2 times > right door > Quinn scene > magazine on the floor (render) Take the rum bottle > click the blue book on the right over the drawer and exit the room
  • Leave > up arrow on the left (to the basement) > magazine (render) click the open door up above to enter the sauna > ember right over the fire > Sally scene > Tease her Basement > click the location a little lower than where the dresses are.
  • > magazine under the chair (render) > up arrow (to the pool)
  • Down > Up (to the beginning) > Up twice > Any decision > join her > Lily scene Give her a kiss
  • Return to the previous room > left door (Sarah’s room) > key above the drawer > Melanie
  • Back > right door (Riona’s room) > right desk > white magazine (render) > Leter A (bAd girl) > left desk > white magazine (render) > back > middle door > white magazine (render) Dave Being a DIK Walkthrough
  • Make the party’s alphas depart.
  • Camila > speak with Ashley (in any order)
  • Whisky bottle (couch cushion)
  • go to the left > click O (hOt) > finish the pack quest (phone) > Sage > any selection > Take a seat and chat to her > any option > Allow me to investigate > Flirt
  • Return to the girls on the sofa room and click on Sage (Pursue Sage).
  • Consult with John Boy.
  • Go right > centre door > top shelf magazine (render) > money on the shelf in the centre
  • > Starting point Upstairs > door to the left of Jacob’s position (bathroom) > > choose the tissues (rendering) red magazine
  • Back > Right door > up > Arieth Kitchen > Cabinets > Table > Camila and Riona’s drinks
  • Camila: tequila and lemon shot
  • Riona is a cola-flavored whisky.
  • There are options, but decide whether you want both or just Camila.
  • Return to Sage > Kitchen > Whisky without ice
  • Heather (all options) > Quinn > vodka with cranberries > photograph
  • Go to the room with the females on the sofa > ask Elena who invited Chad > upstair bottom left in the room with Chad > a daiquiri for Josy > Kiss her or assist her > Accept Starting Point > down > Becky (all options) > whisky and cola for Becky > invite her to hook up > follow her (bathroom) > join Becky
  • Down to the cellar > Heather > Pool > Dawe Kitchen Talk > Tell her about the j*** in her bed > Heather > Tommy cheated on you > provide absinthe to Heather
  • Call Dereck and tell him about Ashley.
  • Go upstairs to observe the scene room with the ladies on the couch > Penny > Assist Derek in getting laid
  • froont door as a starting point

after the 28th free roaming episode

Check her (DI*) or Focus (chick) Stay Nice (DI*) or Trigger him (chick) your option (If you’re on the Jill route) Defend Jill > Any option

29th free wander Episode 7 

  • Phone Numbers > Messages:
  • Dad is always number one.
  • Jacob Josy is usually number one.
  • Riona: 1-1-2-1
  • Jillalways: 1-3-1 Sage: 1-3-1
  • Being a DIK Walkthrough
  • Rooster, Brawler, Shuffle, Three tiles… are some of the apps available. Put down the phone.
  • Left > Desk > Select any
  • Right > Down > magazine (render)
  • Right > Down > TV > Panel
  • Down > Scene > magazine to the left of the refrigerator (render) right to the corridor, then click the second door from the left > (render) Up > magazine on the floor
  • Leon (Number 9) > Left > Down > Nick
  • Board > Minigames > Mansion
  • Upx2 Stairs > Bathroom > magazine on the shelf (render)
  • Right (Derek’s room) > Any option > red magazine on the right (render)
  • Down x2 > door > up > left door > white magazine (render)
  • Return to the opposite door > Jacob
  • Back to the stairs > left door (Rusty’s room) > speak with him
  • down > door > down > left door > Jamie’s scene > right white magazine (render)
  • Back > left arrow > right > Tommy’s scene
  • Return to the dining room > Table
  • Episode 7 follows the 29th free roam.

  • Accept Praise only if you are on the Chick path x3 Closer inspection (DI*) or x3 Don’t look too closely (chicken)
  • Examine her out (DI*) or Don’t bother checking her out (chick).
  • Minigame for gender studies: When I was in junior high school, Lisp, 232 pounds before dump, Vegan, Pineapple and lime, 30%, three times, five inches, six minutes, and six inches

Being a DIK – Episode 8 or 0.8 Walkthrough & Endings

The Walkthrough for Episode 8

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  • Lancaster Boarding House is located in the city of Broken Dreamers.
  • Mythic Manor Waifu Academy Foot of the Mountains
  • There will be no more secrets.
  • Acting Classes
  • Dark Magic, My Cute Roommate’s Babysitter
  • The Dual Headmaster Family


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