What is callie haverda relatives?

callie haverda relatives

callie haverda relatives

Carson and Haley Haverda, Callie Haverda relatives siblings, are also former performers. Haverda’s children have all worked as child entertainers.

Carson made his acting debut in 2009, followed by his sister Haley the following year. Callie made her acting debut at the age of three in 2010. She had to wait five years after her debut in the short film Paper Memories before finding another job. 

Callie plays the primary role in the That 90s Show. She will play Leia Forman, the adolescent daughter of Eric and Donna Forman who spends the summer with her grandparents Red and Kitty Forman. 

Her brother and sister encouraged her to film an audition tape for the role of Leia in That 90s Show by comparing her to Eric and Donna’s kid.

Callie took their advise and submitted her video for the spot in the programme. When she was driving home from school, she received the good news that she had been cast in the part.

Callie Haverda is a model. Carson Haverda, his brother, is a former actor.

callie haverda relatives

Carson Haverda is the eldest brother of the callie haverda relatives Carson was also a kid actress. 

Carson has eight acting credits on his IMDb profile and made his acting debut in the 2009 short film The Father, playing a Jewish youngster.

The Man Who Never Cried actor has nine acting credits on his IMDb profile since his debut.

Carson’s acting credentials, on the other hand, are mostly for roles in short films. Short films account for seven of his nine acting credits. He acted in the 2015 film The Other Kind and the 2016 film Stage V, both of which he co-starred alongside his younger sister.

Although his IMDb profile suggests an impending movie in the post-production stage, no more information about the film is available.

Carson is twenty years old. The Deflated actor was born in Austin, Texas on November 21, 2002. He may be found on Instagram with the handle @carson.haverda.

On the picture-sharing social media site, the actor has over 1300 followers. Carson routinely posts photos of himself with his girlfriend Olivia C Michaels on his Instagram account. 

Carson, Callie’s brother, looks to be highly supportive of her job. He was pictured with his sister at the opening of Netflix’s That 90s Show, where he met other cast members, including Laura Prepon.

Callie Haverda is a model. Haley Haverda, Sister

Haley Haverda, callie haverda relatives elder sister, has also worked as a child actor.

In 2010, Haley participated in the short film The History Lesson. Her debut film was also the last one in which she featured until today. Haley’s acting career was cut short as soon as it began. 

She can be found on Instagram under the handle @haleypeyton; she has 632 followers on the picture-sharing social media platform and has produced 10 posts so far.

Unfortunately, her Instagram account is secret, and only her followers can see the posts she publishes on the platform. According to her Instagram account, she presently resides in Los Angeles and is originally from Austin, Texas.

Unlike her younger sister or elder sibling, Haley has kept her personal life off the internet. Nonetheless, she and Alison Makenziee have an Instagram account with the identity @haleyandaddison.

Alison has made their relationship public on her social media account, and she often updates her Instagram followers with photos of the couple.

Corey Haverda, their Mysterious Brother

Callie’s family includes a hidden brother named Corey Haverda. 

Apart from her well-known brother and sister, Callie has an elder brother named Corey Haverda in her family, according to HITC.

Corey and Carson, according to Sports Pari, are twin brothers. 

However, neither of the recognised siblings has mentioned their strange brother on the internet. They have never released a photograph of Corey or mentioned his speaking to the press or media. 

Callie admitted to ATX Today that “both her siblings were older than her,” implying that she had two older siblings.

While some publications, such as HITC, state Callie is one of Tony and Denise’s four children, others, such as ATX Today, show she is the youngest of three children.

Tony and Denise Haverda are their parents.

callie haverda relatives

Tony and Denise Haverda gave birth to Callie.

Haverda, Tony

According to HITC, Tony works for Open Text as a Senior Director of User Experience Design. According to his LinkedIn page, Haverda has held the role since 2009.

He began working at Open Text in 2008 and has been with the company for 14 years.

Previously, he worked as a Human Factors Engineer for IBM and as a User Experience Senior Manager for BMC Software and Vignette, among others.

Tony received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Human Factors from Texas A&M University.

Denise Haverda is an actress.

Denise, Callie’s mother, is likewise a business executive. Denise is a director of recruiting at New York Life Insurance, according to HITC.

According to her LinkedIn page, she has been in the role for the past eight years. 

She formerly operated PATCH Talent, a talent agency, before joining New York Life Insurance. She has also worked as a self-employed realtor and talent manager for Remax International Inc.

Denise has worked in a range of jobs.


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