What is hunter x athena trello?

hunter x athena trello

hunter x athena trello

If you’re wondering if Hunter X Athena has an official Trello board, we’re here to assist with a link to the official Hunter X Athena Trello as well as answers to all of your questions.

Hunter X Athena is a Roblox action role-playing game based on the popular anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter.

On 11/27/2022, Eternal invented the game.

Discord Invite Link for Hunter X Athena

For additional information on the game, you may also join the official Hunter X Athena community Discord Server.

Twitter: Hunter X Athena

Hunter X Athena currently does not have a Twitter account.

Is a Hunter X Athena Wiki available?

There is currently no Hunter X Athena Wiki, and it is doubtful that one will be created in the future because this is a side project.

Trello Hunter X Athena Link

The official Hunter X Athena Trello board is linked below:

Hunter X Athena’s Trello board contains game-related information and guides. Here is some of the information that is still available:

  • Discord, UI, What to do, Stats, and Nen Skill Requirements are all part of the game.
  • The map of Hunter X Athena’s locations.
  • Every opponent mob in Hunter X Athena, as well as future and unnatural adversaries.
  • Nen Trainer, Mafia, Assassin, and Rouge are all NPCs in the game.
  • Information about all Clans in the game (both common and rare).
  • Every Hatsus in the game, as well as how to get them.
  • A Hunter Association handbook: Chairman, Zodiacs, Examiner, and Instructor, as well as Hunter Exams and Hunter Licence.
  • Guide to the Economy: Information about rerolls and name changes.
  • Staff members include the owners, developers, and moderators.

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Trello Hunter X Athena FAQ

What exactly is Trello?

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