What is Nano Machine 129?


Nano Machine 129

New information is being released, and someone else is the mastermind behind all of these schemes. Is the Sect now in jeopardy? Lord will utilise a new tactic against Cheon Yeon Woo in Nano Machine 129.

Cheon Yeon Woo is prepared to confront the Lord. He hadn’t been able to close the distance previously, but with this opportunity, he didn’t pass it up.

Because the Lord was more strong than Yeon Woo, the Elders were anxious about his struggle with the Lord. They were glad to discover that Lord’s back ailment had opened the door for Yeon Woo.

With a better chance of victory, the troops and civilians withdrew away from the combat to avoid being drawn into it. Even solid bricks flew over the entire castle.

Other subordinates watching the fight were astounded to find Cheon Yeon Woo stronger than previously, since he was able to defeat the Lord with the back of his blade.

Moving on, as others celebrated this triumph, someone was dissatisfied. With the loss of the Lord in this combat, their plans were unravelling.

We anticipate that the announcements for Nano Machine Anime and Tower Of God Season 2 will be made at the same time.

Release Date for Nano Machine Chapter 129

With the arrival of a new person commanding the Lord, it is fair to conclude that many individuals are involved in this scam. 

Raw scans from the Nano Machine 129 In Korean, it will be published on Naver on November 1, 2022.

Fan scanlation organisation will distribute English scans of Nano Machine Chapter 129 on Thursday, November 3, 2022, in order to respect the artist and official scans on Naver.

Now that there are traitors inside this Sect, Cheon Yeon Woo has a clear route ahead of him. Can Yeon Woo bring the Lord back to reality?

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Cheon Yeon Woo’s Actions

Cheon Yeon Woo had estimated that he only needed to break the first four swords in front of him to pass the level, but luck was on his side because the Lord experienced unexpected tension.

The connection between his genuine QI and the QI controlling the sword was severed as a result of this imbalance. The Elders thought it was due to his back injuries during the last subjugation.

Yeon Woo saw this as his opportunity to assault the Lord and pushed forward at full speed to close the gap between them. The Lord used his QI to destroy the palace grounds and turn them into a shield.

Yeon Woo’s movements would be constrained by a piece of concrete laced with QI. He cut through the block and pressed ahead.

Both of their swords collided, but Yeon Woo’s Demonic Sword was unique. It possessed a formless shape and could separate itself into little fragments.

The Demonic Sword swirled around the Lord’s blade, forcing it to splinter into numerous pieces. The Lord had lost his sword as a result of this. Losing a sword is almost the same as losing a duel.

The Lord’s mouth was covered in blood, most likely as a result of his prolonged employment of the Demonic Reversal Technique. He still refuses to admit defeat. In Nano Machine 129, what new technology will the Lord employ?

True Offender

Nano Machine Chapter 128 is titled ‘True Culprit,’ and it marks the beginning of a new arc. As a result, it is reasonable to believe that someone is responsible for everything that has occurred in the Sect thus far.

When Cheon Yeon Woo defeats the Lord and breaks his sword, a person can be seen thinking that the Lord could die at this rate, but that it would interfere with their preparations for the following stage. Obviously, the assumptions are correct.

While bowing on the ground to face truth, the Lord was defeated. At the same time, something clicked in his head. 

A voice in the Lord’s brain inquired if he wanted to execute the traitor or allow the Six Sects who murdered his mother and wife enjoy their lives. 

The voice pushed him to assassinate the traitor and sever the heads of his followers before yielding and restoring the Divine Cult’s Order. 

The Divine Blood Reversal Gathering Technique would aid the Lord in his mission as long as he was ready to follow the voice in his brain. Is this the result of brainwashing?

The Lord certainly does not consider Yeon Woo to be his son. The Sects understood that the Lord preferred Yeon Woo’s mother over his other spouses. However, all changed one day when he failed to see her in her dying days.

It is also probable that the loss of his mother and loving wife caused him enormous mental anguish, and he turned to various methods to get revenge on the cults that organised their killings.

What future plans does this individual have for the Lord? More information about this Divine Blood Reversal Gathering Technique will be revealed in Nano Machine Chapter 129.

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