What is soulstone survivors ritual of love?

soulstone survivors ritual of love

soulstone survivors ritual of love

Game Smithing Limited has published a new content patch for soulstone survivors ritual of love, a popular action roguelite. The Omen of Spring Update adds new seasonal talents that may be acquired by completing the Ritual of Love challenge, which is available now through February 26.

How to Complete the Love Ritual

The new Ritual of Love task in Soulstone Survivors is quite simple to complete. You must travel to Whispering Grove to discover a heart at the bottom left of your spawn spot. Its destruction will summon Cupid.

All that remains is for you to demolish eight Camor’s Pylons in a single game. This may be accomplished by allowing Cupid to strike the Pylons with his arrows. The Pylons resemble totems with hearts on them, so they are impossible to overlook.

Because there are three unique achievements, you may complete them all in one sitting by just finishing the Curse Intensity 34 challenge.

So, what are the three seasonal abilities you can obtain if you complete the course successfully? The first is known as Heartbreak Orbs. When used, three orbs advance in a curved path, doing 80 damage upfront and inflicting bleed on foes impacted. Bleed is a status effect that deals 180 damage over 10 seconds.

Camor’s Arrow is the second seasonal skill. When used, you summon a giant arrow that lands in the designated area, causing 3,000 damage to all foes affected evenly. These opponents are stunned for two seconds and bleed for 600 damage over 10 seconds.

Heartrending Strike is the last talent. This is an active skill in which you slash enemies in the direction you choose to go, causing 220 damage upfront and converting any bleed stacks on the adversary into Haemorrhage.

Haemorrhage is a 10 second debuff that delivers damage. There is a 40% chance that the targeted target will incur additional damage from Haemorrhage every time it advances a metre.

Aside from Cupid, new regular and elite foes may be found in Whispering Grove. You’ll confront a variety of enemies on the stated area thanks to a new spawning mechanism, which will keep things interesting as you strive to acquire the milestones.

So, what do you think of the new Soulstone Survivors Omen of Spring Update challenge?

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