What is sun haven rotate items?


sun haven rotate items

Sun Haven  rotate items, like most cosy farming sims, allows users to customise their house and farm, however some players are having difficulty rotating furniture.

Spring has here, and with it a new crop of cosy agricultural simulation games. Sun Haven, the season’s latest release, following in the footsteps of titles such as the Rune Factory series and Harvestella by combining realistic life simulation with a high fantasy scenario.

The game has the anticipated elements, such as a farming system, fighting, a slew of romantic and incidental NPCs, and the opportunity for the player to design and customise their own farm and home.

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However, there has been a snag that new gamers are always encountering while customising their living environment. They have no idea how to rotate furniture.

How to Rotate Sun Haven Furniture

sun haven rotate items

There is some good news and some terrible news. The good news is that turning things in Sun Haven is a straightforward process. The player can rotate a piece of furniture right before putting it down by pressing “R.”

If they have previously placed an item and wish to re-orient it, they must use their pickaxe to return it to their inventory. They can then reposition it, this time in the correct direction.

The bad news is that this is not a function that is available to everyone. Some furnishings, such as chairs, may be turned, although others, such as the player’s initial bed and carpet, cannot. They must test each sort of object to determine what the game permits them to spin.

It’s easy to see why the game is set up this way. Sun Haven’s graphics is built on sprites, thus turning items requires generating new sprites for each angle. It’s little, but it rapidly adds up, especially for a small team already producing high-detail sprites and animation.

Nonetheless, given that this functionality is included in other sprite-based games, gamers might expect that Pixel Sprout Games will fix this in a future patch. Still, it’s a small flaw that doesn’t detract from the overall experience, and Sun Haven has plenty of other things to do in the meanwhile.

Sun Haven is currently available for PC, with a Switch Port release date to be determined.

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