What is tyler hoover divorce?

tyler hoover divorce

tyler hoover divorce

Is Hoovie going to get divorced? Tyler Hoover did he divorce Ann? is a question that everyone has. Tyler Hoover  divorce, the well-known YouTuber of “Hoovie’s Garage,” married Quynh Ann in Vietnam and Wichita in 2019. That following year, they had a son. There have been several rumours concerning his divorce. To find out the truth, read the entire post.

Tyler Hoover’s Wife Divorced?

Tyler Hoover and his wife are not getting divorced. Tyler Hoover, the popular YouTube presenter of “Hoovie’s Garage,” has been connected to divorce rumours. However, before we can verify the accuracy of these assertions, we must first understand more about his past.

Tyler’s wife, Quynh Ann, is originally from Saigon but moved to the United States the same year (2008). Quynh Ann and Tyler initially met while working at a buffet restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. Their relationship began there, and they married years later.


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Why Do Fans Believe Tyler Hoover Divorced Ann?

Tyler Hoover, often known as Hoovie, is a well-known YouTuber who just posted a video titled “Selling my collection with Doug DeMuro as I begin saying goodbye to Hoovie’s Garage.” Fans were concerned that the channel was ending. Hoover’s present marriage and two children have been the subject of divorce rumours.

Hoover’s regular vehicle sales were highlighted, but this purge was lamented. In the video, he swaps fellow automotive YouTuber Doug DeMuro’s “star power” for three automobiles from automobiles and Bids. Hoover reacted to the rumours and video on the Facebook group Hoovie’s Garage Hooptie Posting, stating that he is not quitting YouTube but that he does need a fresh start in his life.

Consider the following tweet:

Many admirers have remarked on his divorce-related tweet above. Hoover has always been frank, so he may chose to document his rehabilitation and share it with his followers. Hoover may not post as regularly as he used to due to personal issues, but fans should anticipate him to sell more cars in the near future.

Tyler’s Profession and Hoovies Garage

Hoover’s popularity may be traced back to his Hoovies Garage channel. Over 1.5 million people have subscribed to his YouTube channel to watch him research, acquire, and resell vehicles. His automotive collection has grown to twenty cars, dubbed “The Hooptie Fleet.”


Tyler’s unedited presenting approach, in which he openly shares his ideas and expertise about autos with his viewers, is responsible for the channel’s popularity. He’s humanised it by integrating his family in his flicks.

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