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How are LezhinX points earned?


What is a Lezhinx?

You may read a variety of comics, including your favourite ones, at LezhinX. For readers of all ages, they publish a variety of comics. Then, a unique introduction to the LezhinX for adults follows.

In the comics, they provide unique creations from renowned webtoon authors. You may easily read your favourite comics by accumulating coins.


Additionally, they provide a number of free coins That may be used to open up other comic book titles.

Discover the newest works from established authors and artists as well as the most original ideas from up-and-coming creators. They provide free episodes and information every day.Come back daily to check for new stuff because they add new things every day, whether you like romance, horror, action, or maybe something gay.

Since every LezhinX Comic is available in HD picture quality, you may read and download them. You can see every detail regarding the LezhinX in this site.

Create the processes:

  • You should select the daily releases while downloading the LezhinX since they will provide you new stuff every day. 
  • After that, download the modified version of LezhinX Comics – Daily Releases APK from their website.
  • Once the download is complete, you must locate and install the apk file.
  • To install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, you must enable unknown sources.
  • You may get and enjoy the LezhinX Comics daily releases Mod APK.


Account creation and deletion:

It grants the app the capacity to add and delete accounts and modify passwords.

Create passwords and accounts:

enables the app to utilise the account authenticator functions of the Account Manager, including account creation, password retrieval, and password setting.

Find accounts on the device:

It enables the programme to access the device’s list of accounts. Any accounts created by any installed software may fall under this category.

Total network accessibility

It permits the usage of unique network ports and protocols by the software. The browser and other programmes provide ways to communicate data to the internet without the need for this authorization.

Your phone’s identification and condition are:

enables the app’s access to the phone’s features. The programme can find out the user’s phone number, device ID, if a call is active, and the faraway number to which the call is connected with this permission.

Read the data on your USB storage device:

The software is able to read the data from your USB storage as a result.


Utilize the device’s accounts:

It permits the application to ask for authentication tokens.

network connections to view:

The app may use this capability to examine network connection information such as a list of connected and active networks.


Check as well;

How are LezhinX points earned?

Register each day

  • To get your additional points from the gift box, you must log in and check your gift box.
  • The expiry periods for points and bonus coins are 30 and 7 days, respectively.

purchase bunches of coins

  • They are awarding points in addition to the standard coins.
  • The iOS app cannot grant points due to app store regulations. Instead, users of the iPhone and iPad may access it online or through a mobile browser.
  • The 30-day expiration period applies to the points offered in currency bundles.

bundles of unique coins from LezhinX auto pay

  • LezhinX auto pay users that purchase coin bundles that are only offered through LAP can raise their point totals.
  • This bundle will only be available for purchase by LezhinX auto-pay customers.
  • The LAP-specific currency bundles’ points expire 30 days after being purchased.
  • The iOS app store’s limitations prevent points from being awarded.
  • The mobile web version is available online for iPhone and iPad users.

Buy many episodes at once

Purchase episodes utilising unlock all to get points.

A varying number of points may be provided, depending on the comic and how many episodes are ordered at once.

Check as well;

  • Assistance with Password Recovery and Registration
  • If you want to read LezhinX Comics, please sign up.
  • You are free to change your password at any time.
  • Assistance with Costs

Last words

Everything you need to know about the LezhinX is stated above. On this website, you may read adult comics, and by getting free coins, you can access a variety of content every day. Then, this platform will be well.

liked by all older readers of comic books.

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